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Statement of Julius V.

At the heart of
“The House of Julius Meinl”

is a small group of experienced finance and investment professionals. This presentation sets out the impressive range of activities through which our team has honed its knowledge and skills, and which forms the basis of the services and products that we offer.

“I am pleased and proud that such a fine group of people has come together to work in an association of talent and accomplishment that carries my name. It is a tribute, I believe, to the spirit and values which my family has espoused through six generations in the middle of Europe – independently building businesses, creating opportunities, and facilitating commerce between nations and across borders.

“The roots of the House of Julius Meinl trace back to Julius Meinl I. In his day, coffee was already well known and much enjoyed in Europe. Legend has it that the world-renowned Viennese coffeehouse owes it origins to the aftermath of the Siege of Vienna in 1683, when bags of coffee beans were discovered among the treasures left behind by the Grand Vezir.

By the 19th century, beans were still being hand-roasted in small batches over kitchen stoves – and seldom roasted well. Julius Meinl I‘s insight was that a higher quality product could be made available at lower cost through industrial-scale purchasing and roasting according to carefully controlled standards.

“Like many of the most transformative innovations, the idea itself was not complex. It is only when such an idea occurs to a genuine entrepreneur – who then brings it to fruition – that the economy and society benefit. Life is made easier and good things – even luxuries, like good coffee – become accessible and affordable to more people. Today, the entrepreneurial spirit that drove Julius Meinl I permeates the House of Julius Meinl.

“Since then, there have been many challenges, many lessons learnt and many problems solved. Innovation coupled with experience is a hallmark of our activities. There has been a move from operational ownership towards an approach and philosophy based more on investment and the provision of finance. In the modern economy, the great facilitator is finance: when it circulates, freely and wisely, the world tends to be not only more prosperous, but more harmonious.

“In our family, prosperity has brought with it not just the challenge of capital preservation, but also of transfer from one generation to the next. Over 150 years of history in commerce and finance, spanning six generations, gives us a unique perspective. Of course we are alert to short term opportunities, however they might arise, but our view is inherently a long term one, where often rewards can be measured not over days, months or years, but over decades. Consequently long term relationships are critical to us.

“It is this blend of market sensitivity and of the ability to look beyond the markets and the challenges of the day that I believe distinguishes us. Through the House of Julius Meinl, this advantage is made available to all of our clients, just as Viennese coffeehouse culture is shared with every single consumer of our coffee.”