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Meinl Bank


We offer our clients the opportunity
to invest alongside us

Our stamp is our quality seal

Our logo is a merchant ship of the sort that the Meinl family once used to import to Europe coffee, tea, cocoa, spices and other colonial goods.

Our heritage

Going back to the foundation of its business activities in 1862, the Meinl Family has been a family of merchants and investors. This continues today both in its commercial activities such as Julius Meinl Coffee and KEX Confectionery; and in the financial activities of the House of Julius Meinl. On our own and with our clients, we are:

Substantial investors in private equity and in real estate
Active investors in public companies where we can add value through our investment
Traders and investors in fixed income securities and in debt

Julius Meinl I

Julius Meinl II

Julius Meinl III

Julius Meinl IV

Julius Meinl V

Julius Meinl VI